Watercolor Painting Techniques from Soon Warren

Soon Warren has three new watercolor painting videos out that you’re going to love! Learn how to paint cherries in a glass bowl, koi fish in a rippling pond, and get great tips and techniques for creating great watercolor paintings. Check out these details and links to the previews, then download right now to see it before the DVD even comes out!

Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Glass 

cherries 05 webIf you think painting realistic glass in watercolor is difficult, you’ll be surprised at just how doable it is. All you need are your paints, some watercolor masking and a great photo reference. Let’s not forget the great instructor, though! Warren will walk you through adding color variations to create reflections in the glass, along with building layers of color in those beautiful cherries.  Along the way, you’ll find plenty of ways to get creative with your lines and color. Watercolor was made for this!

You can also pick this video up in DVD form.

Top Vibrant Watercolor Techniques

Soon Warren's Top Watercolor Tips

Everyone from beginners to more experienced artists can learn some great tips and techniques from this video, and your art will thank you. Soon shows easy techniques for wet-into-wet, layering watercolors to create vibrant color gradations, scrubbing out color, transparent colors vs. opaque, types of paper, and an array of techniques that you can use right away–a good thing too, because once you start watching this video, you won’t be able to wait to try them out. 

Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Water

waterwarrenIn this video, you’ll learn how to paint moving water, with ripples and reflections, as well as vibrant fish swimming just under the surface. Work along with Soon as she builds up layers of color to create this active, vibrant watercolor painting and uses some simple techniques to make her water look just like what you’d see in a pond on a windy day. You’ll have so much fun following along. 
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While you’re at it, pick up a copy of Soon Warren’s Book, Painting Vibrant Watercolors to learn more about painting light, contrast and vibrant color.

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