Watercolor Painting Framing Tips


In the February 2010 issue of Watercolor Artist, professional framer and artist Chris A. Paschke shares her best tips for framing a watercolor painting with a single mat. Here, she elaborates on how to use multiple mats for a more polished look:

“Once you understand how to frame a watercolor using a single mat, you can tackle  a double mat, triple mat, or even a multiple mat with wrapped spacers—as seen in the example shown here. The keys to adding additional mats are making sure you have everything properly aligned and using the proper method for adhering the additional layers.

For assembly of a double mat, cut both mat windows, then line the back of the top mat window with a strip of 1/2-inch wide pressure-sensitive tape all the way around, about 1/2-inch from the window edge. Lay the bottom mat face-up, then place the top mat (which has the pressure-sensitive tape attached), check to make sure everything is square then press the two together to bond them. The double mat window unit is then book hinged (see the February 2010 issue of Watercolor Artist for an explanation) to the backing for final assembly. If a third mat is desired, the same process is repeated beginning with the second mat being stuck to the third mat, then the top mat being aligned and stuck to the second/third unit.”


• Float Framing a Watercolor
Float mounting a watercolor creates a dramatic effect that makes the
thin sheet of art appear to be hanging in space.

by Greg Fremstad

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