Sandrine Pelissier

To get the most from her subjects, Sandrine Pelissier uses Corel Paint Shop Pro photo-editing software to edit her digital photos on her computer. “I work on composition, move things around, experiment with colors and contrast, and eliminate those images that don’t hold up,” she says. “By the time I’m done, I have a pretty good idea of where I’m going.”

Her next move is to make separations, segregating the yellow, red, blue and black layers of her reference photo(s) in Paint Shop Pro. “Before I found this feature, I used to do this step intuitively,” she says. “Now I don’t have to approximate each layer’s value or hue; the software does it for me.”

Click here to download a demonstration of her layering process.

Read more about Sandrine Pelissier in the August 2009 issue of Watercolor Artist magazine.

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