Creativity Workshop: The Best of Both Worlds

Delicate Dancer by Bev Jozwiak

The style I’m working in allows me to go from thick, dark and dramatic to light, loose and washy, in one piece. Who says you can’t have it all? I’ve always been under the assumption that paintings should look like paintings and not photographs. With that in mind, I try to create movement in my work by showing brushwork, adding water and creating runs, drips and splatters. Lost and found edges help to create movement throughout the painting. This technique can work in a variety of ways, but I often try to apply the law of thirds. The top third of the paper is dark and more complete; the middle third is finished, but not heavily valued; and, finally, the bottom third is painted by adding water and drips. I finish off the piece by drawing around key areas with a 9B pencil.

Read the full text of Jozwiak’s challenge to painters in the December 2008 issue of Watercolor Artist. Order by clicking here.

Try It!
Using the law of thirds, combine a dark and dramatic look with a loose and washy approach. Create movement in your work by adding water to create runs, drips and splatters, and by working with the medium to create variety in your edges.

Get together with your painting group, or complete the Creativity Workshop Activity on your own; then tell us about it. Send a JPEG image (with a resolution of 72 dpi) of your watermedia painting to We’ll publish a selection of the entries on our website and choose a favorite. One winner will receive a $100 gift certificate from Jerry’s Artarama. The deadline for entry is December 22, 2008. To see more Creativity Workshop Activities and a gallery of reader responses, click here.

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