Art Guitar on Sale

Hoping to beat out the the most expensive guitar ever sold (Eric Clapton’s Stratocaster, which went for $959,500), modern artist Mark Ryden‘s handpainted Dean ML electric guitar is being auctioned off on eBay. Ryden’s work is a combination of cute/disturbing with paintings of big-eyed children in dream-like scenarios. The money rasied from the auction will go to Little Kids Rock, a non-profit organization that provides low-income children with free instruments and music lessons. The auction and a benefit concert are part of the exhibit called Six String Masterpieces. Today is the final day of the auction, but you can see the handpainted guitar unstrung and strung, below.

You can also see more of Ryden’s fantastical art at

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2 thoughts on “Art Guitar on Sale

  1. Titilola Aladesaiye

    I love his paintings. Especially the blood series. Believe it or not I heard about him from a show from tlc, on cable. He did some nice panitings of christina ricci, I think that she may be his muse, must be nice to be that famous. I hope somebody pay’s a million for some off my stuff one day.