Art in your neighborhood

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much art surrounds us at all times. Sometimes we seek it out, like when we’re visiting a gallery or museum, but other times we float by, completely oblivious.

The picture at right is from a cafe here in Cincinnati, The Coffee Shop on Madison, which has a stunning corner lined with Charley Harper prints.

Across town, there’s an apartment building that must house a fairly busy artist: Every window of one first-floor unit is covered in portraits. They’re not Renoirs, but who cares?

What about your town? Is it easy to stumble upon art in your neighborhood, or do you feel sometimes as if you’re living in a creative desert? (If so, maybe it’s time to go guerrilla…)

In the meantime, I have become totally fascinated with Harper’s style and have become determined to have a print of his in my apartment by spring. (Luckily for me, a relative works at a gallery with a large Harper inventory and gets a 35 percent staff discount that I have absolutely no problem using.)

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