Artist of the Month, Angela Bentley Fife

Today we happily announce our May Artist of the Month, Angela Bentley Fife, who was a 2009 finalist in the Portrait category of our 26th Annual Art Competition.

Constant Comparison (oil, 24×36)

Fife shared the following with us about her entry: “The black and white dress she is wearing is from my imagination. I often change the clothing or come up with my own pattern. It makes it more interesting to me and I can feel myself trying to figure out the lighting or how a pattern would turn with the fabric. It is also interesting to try to make up how a certain soft fabric or stiff fabric would react to the way
I have posed the model.”

You can read more about Angela Bentley Fife’s painting practices here, in our Artist of the Month article.

Interested in entering your work? Our deadline for the 27th Annual Art Competition has just been extended until May 14.

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