Patti Brady’s Studio

In her personal studio space (above), Brady sits at her "invaluable" Windmill Revolving easel, which "moves from flat to vertical and spins in all directions." She uses the wooden Best European easel (at the right on the photo), which also lies flat, for controlled pours.

With a bit of remodeling and a lot of paint, artist Patti Brady made a small house just around the corner from her Greenville, South Carolina, her much needed art studio. Her studio space serves multiple functions: office, acrylic techniques lab and training center for her work for Golden Artist Colors; and studio space for her personal painting.

She had French doors cut into the wall between the living room and the master bedroom  (which can be set up as a training room)—opening up the entire front of the house as her personal studio. "That way, when I have time to paint," she explains, "I can get right to it without reassigning the space."

The house’s small deck and backyard provide a great place for trainees to relax and have lunch—and also grab some inspiration for their artwork.

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