Brother, can you spare $35 million?

The keeper of the inn where Van Gogh died has his heart set on acquiring one of the master painter’s final works to display in the inn’s attic, the New York Times reports. It’s not entirely impossible, as the painting, The Fields (Wheat Fields) is on the auction block Nov. 7.

The hitch is that the work is predicted to sell for $28 million to $35 million, and it’s likely to go for more. So the innkeeper decided to try to crowdsource the funding to purchase it. He’s started a website, Van Gogh’s Dream and is soliciting donations to try to purchase the painting and display it in “the smallest museum in the world.” If you donate more than $5,000 you get your own key to the attic. (It would take 7,000 people donating $5,000 each to get to $35 million. I imagine the attic could get kind of crowded on weekends.)

He refused to say how much money’s been raised so far, but I am very curious to see what happens in three weeks.

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3 thoughts on “Brother, can you spare $35 million?

  1. Peter

    yes ! i really like van gogh and i think it will ne great if this painting go back where he died and not in a private collection. I don’t do if he’ll reach the goal..i hope for him and for Van Gogh.