Artist of the Month: Bruce Perso

Afternoon Glow (acrylic, 8×48)
by Bruce Perso was a Landscape finalist in the 23rd Annual Art Competition.


Residence: Monson, Massachusetts

Start in Art: I’ve enjoyed drawing and painting since the age of 8. I began college as a math major but decided that I couldn’t see myself working in that field. So I returned to what I really enjoyed and received a B.F.A. in painting from Ohio University in 1973.

Media and Genres: I’ve worked exclusively in acrylics for the last 12 years—prior to that it was oils. My subject matter is exclusively landscapes.

Working Process: Because of the difficulties in using acrylics outside, I always rely on photographs. I work on hardboard panel or hot-press watercolor board, and always start with a drawing. The painting is slowly built up in thin washes, reinforcing key details as I go. Most of my larger paintings, such as Afternoon Glow, are 8×48 and take one to three weeks to complete.

Inspiration for this Painting: Perhaps because I’m from New England, I’m drawn to the openness of the Midwestern landscape and the peacefulness that it conveys. I always look for singular, isolated subjects that stand out in the afternoon light.

Why He Creates Art: I love the challenge of capturing the feeling of some place I’ve just visited. The painting never does justice to the reality, so there is that eternal striving to get better. I enjoy the peacefulness of sitting and painting and trying to work out all the problems as I go. And because I do art festivals rather than galleries, I am able to meet most of my customers and see the joy they get from my work. That’s the best part of creating.


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