Communing With Nature

Nature is my inspiration, so living and painting in the mountains of southern Colorado has been such a fortunate experience for me as an artist. In the warmer weather I backpack with my paints, paper and easel to a site and work directly on-location. During colder weather I hike or cross-country ski to spots and sketch, take notes, and do color studies. Then I execute my finished work in the studio.

As I spend time observing, interacting with, listening, being a part of and painting nature, it opens up and reveals itself. The light, sounds, energy, temperature, patterns and rhythm enter into the painting process. I not only paint the surface with the “outer eye” but with the “inner eye” as well. I am interpreting and painting how I feel about what I see.

I use watercolor, gouache, acrylic, casein or their combinations, as long as they are compatible and lightfast. As long as I’m painting what’s true to me, I’m confident that the work will have my mark, no matter how sophisticated or crude the finished piece may be. I savor each and every one of my painting experiences, communing with nature.

When I first came to this area, I thought that in a few years I would be able to say everything there is to say about this country. But I soon found that I continued to see these mountains, rivers, streams, beaver ponds, wild flowers, and the varying seasons differently and more deeply, and that it would take my lifetime to come close to reaching the heart of it.

Gary Greene is a well-known artist, author and workshop instructor based in Woodinville, Washington.

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