Costa Vavagiakis

“The first step is a great place to be, because it’s the initiation,” says Costa Vavagiakis. “Then comes the process of finding the tools that will lead to a personal vision, if you keep yourself open.” Lesley Heller Gallery in New York City and the Hackett-Freedman Gallery in San Francisco have shown his work; he teaches at Art Students League, National Academy of Design and Brooklyn College. To see more, visit

To read more about Vavaiakis, see the May 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn’t appear in the issue.

Connie VI (in progress) (oil, 16×11)

Connie XXV (graphite & white chalk, 14×17)

Yuko VIII (graphite, 18×14)

Gioia VII (oil, 13½x10¼)

Yuko VI (study) (graphite & white chalk, 11×18)

Miranda XI (oil, 50×42)

Connie XIII (graphite & white chalk, 16½x11½)

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