Damien Hirst: Yea or nay?

Ever get the feeling that the joke’s on you?

I came across this this step-by-step pictorial on the construction of Damien Hirst’s diamond skull today. Aside from feeling a little queasy from thinking too much about skulls and teeth, I was left feeling exasperated.

For the Love of God, as the skull is called, is a platinum cast encrusted with more than 8,000 diamonds—made by jewelers at Bentley and Skinner, not Hirst. Hirst claims to have sold it for 50 million pounds, but that’s disputed.

So, dear readers—what’s your take on Mr. Hirst and his diamond skulls, sharks floating in formaldehyde and maggots in a box?

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3 thoughts on “Damien Hirst: Yea or nay?

  1. Bob Ragland

    I heard a statement by Marshall McLuhan, he said "art is sometimes anything you can get away with". Now adays it seems that anythings goes. I have followed Hirst’s career path starting with the YBA exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. It’s notable what some consider art. I once saw a dictionary defintion for art that said, art is anything done well. Looks like Hirst gets the prize for pulling the art worlds leg very well.


  2. Megan Paulk

    He’s a pretty provacative guy. Gross sometimes too! But hey, if you can afford to have someone make you a skull out of 8,000 diamonds just so you can somewhat make out with it before it goes on display, Then why not?