Dean Mitchell: Space, People and Places

Award-winning artist Dean Mitchell creates work that captures the spirit and essence of his life and time. His painting Quincy’s Wilson House opens a current exhibition at the Canton Museum of Art (CMA) in Ohio. Knowing that the house has a story to tell, Mitchell kindly shared the following:

“The subject of the painting, The Wilson House (ca 1910), is the only Folk Victorian/Queen House in Quincy’s Pepper Hill, an African American neighborhood in Florida. It’s been a home, boarding house and hotel; in the 1960s civil rights leaders sought shelter there. Workers are now busy renovating the century-old two-story wood structure in. The house is two blocks away from my grandmother’s house where I was raised.”

“Space, People and Places” will be open December 2, 2010 through March 6, 2011. Including Quincy’s Wilson House, visitors will be able to view 40 of Mitchell’s recent watercolors. Visit for more details on the exhibition as well as news on related events and outreach activities during February, when Mitchell will return for a series of visits to speak to high school students in the area.



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