Artist of the Month: Del-Bouree Bach

Drifter (acrylic, 24×24)
by Del-Bouree Bach was a Landscape finalist in the 23rd Annual Art Competition.

Residence: Mystic, Connecticut

Start in Art: I’m basically self-taught.

Media and Genres: I work mostly in acrylic on panel and watercolor, and I do a little bit of everything, but mostly marine-related subjects.

Working Process: Coming from an illustration background, I’m always concerned with composition, draftsmanship and design. I work from sketches and my own photos, mostly in the studio, but I occasionally enjoy plein air painting. I don’t draw on the surface, but work directly with the brush. And I don’t use mechanical devices, like a projector. I’ll depend on eye-hand coordination as long as I’m capable of doing so.

This painting was created from a number of photos I took on Cape Cod. No one photo worked, so it’s from a number of those that I took.

Vignette: On of most valuable experiences as an artist was the time I spent selling my work in the streets of Manhattan. Doing this on a daily basis taught me ma y things about myself and how people viewed me—and my work.

I feel most proud to have been able to spearhead a class action lawsuit I New York City which protects the First Amendment rights of all artist to display and sell their works in public spaces. Now when I walk along Fifth Avenue and see artists there, I feel that my fellow plaintiffs and I made a difference.

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