Don Tiller

If Don Tiller’s signature painting style seems familiar, you may be remembering his work in “Splendid Over 60” (The Artist’s Magazine, March 2008). This self-made painter took a few art classes in college and after graduation was seeing the first buds of success as a working artist, selling paintings and entering shows. That’s when the realities of providing for a wife and two children set in. Tiller left the art world for a “real job,” taking over his father’s hardware store and eventually purchasing a franchise for a Ben Franklin variety store. After 25 years in retail he moved to Port Townsend, Washington, a community highly supportive of artists, and found his way back to the full-time professional painter’s life.

To read more about Tiller see the July/August issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here is some work that didn’t appear in the article.

Rolling Countryside (acrylic, 36×48)

Passing Time (acrylic, 30×24)

Rainy Day Market (acrylic, 16×24)

Around the Bend (acrylic, 20×16)

Beyond the Ridge (acrylic, 30×40)

All in One (acrylic, 48×36)

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