Ernie Baber: A Point of Light

“My painting process is centered on light and the way it leads viewers to?and describes?my center of interest. But to balance my image, I also pay lots of attention to contrasts in value, texture, color and relative opacity.”

Dried Rose and Grapes (oil, 10×15)

“What you paint–your subject–can determine the character of your painting. For example, an antique vase with a long, colorful history can infuse your painting with a feeling of timelessness?especially when contrasted with a piece of fruit or a flower whose life span may be only a few days or hours.”

Rice Basket and Apples (oil, 18×15)

“On the one hand, I adhere to a simple, somewhat conservative approach to painting, building solid masses of value that gradually lead to the focal point. On the other hand, I?m also fueled by a more adventuresome spirit?my passion for loose, graceful brushstrokes of vibrant color.”

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