Four artists among MacArthur geniuses

The 2009 class of MacArthur Foundation fellows was just announced, and four artists are among the 24 recipients of no-strings-attached $500,000 grants.

  • Timothy Barrett is a master papermaker who founded the University of Iowa Center for the Book, the only program in the
    US that focuses on making Western- and Japanese-style paper
    by hand.
  • Mark Bradford is a mixed-media artist who uses ephemera found in urban environments, often from his own neighborhood of South Central, Los Angeles. You can see a video of him talking about his work here.
  • Rackstraw Downes is an oil painter who moved from abstracts to highly detailed landscapes in the 1960s. He sometimes spends months completing just one piece.
  • Camille Utterback is a digital artist whose works focus on text and interaction with the viewer. You can watch an interview with her here.

Congratulations to all the lucky recipients! What would you do with a $500,000 “genius grant”?

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