Artist of the Month: Garry S. Kaye

Pond in Winter (acrylic on canvas, 36×48) by Garry S. Kaye was a finalist in the landscape/interior category of The Artist’s Magazine‘s 27th Annual Art Competition.

Early Art Years
I have always been interested in the artistic side of life.  My formal education began in the ’60s at the Vancouver School of Art where I met my wife. I graduated in four years. I began painting earnestly 10 years ago and currently paint full time.

Media and Genre

My paintings are acrylic on canvas. I focus on the detail shown through color and create an impressionistic form.

I’ve lived in a rural community for nearly all my life. Most of my paintings come from landscapes that are 100 yards away from my house.

The inspiration for Pond in Winter came from an instance where the sun was showing several subtle colors peaking through the light, wet snow. Nature shows us magic when we look for it.

My wife and I scour dozens of photos until we find one that has an unique quality. This quality is almost indescribable, but I feel compelled to recreate it. Then I put it in Photoshop and study the details, particularly the light and the color.

Time Spent on Paintings
Due to the complexity of my paintings, it takes me between four and six months to complete a 3×4-foot piece.

The main difficulty is how long the process takes. It’s hard to keep in mind the inspiration I had when I started painting. It’s also discouraging when I look at the canvas after two months and it’s not halfway completed. It’s important to remember and produce my original inspiration.

Unusual Artist Tidbit
I refuse to paint portraits. One time I painted a cow that I had known since she was a calf. She died two weeks after I painted her. I have two paintings of trees surrounding my pond and after completing them, a beaver knocked down most of the trees.

Edited by Hunter Tickel, editorial intern for The Artist’s Magazine.

Artists of the Month are chosen from the list of finalists of The Artist’s Magazine’s Annual Art Competition.


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