Good grief

My World Almanac desk calendar tells me Peanuts creator Charles Schulz would have been 85 today. In his honor, I’ve got a couple great links for you about his life and work.

The New York Times recently reviewed David Michaelis’ hefty biography of Schulz, shedding some light on the lonely life of a man who might have been America’s most successful artist. (And note the wonderful illustration from the cartoonist Seth.)

Slate put up a slideshow that’s a great quick-and-dirty bio accompanied by some of the existentialist strips. Slate points out that the Charlie Brown holiday specials everyone remembers (and that are probably on TV right now) make the cartoons seem much more upbeat than they are.

I feel like Peanuts is inextractable from my childhood… Have you already watched any of the TV specials this year? Looks like “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is on tomorrow…

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