Edward Hopper and His Home Town

In the July/August issue of The Artist’s Magazine, learn how American realist Edward Hopper was a master at manipulating reality to reveal essential and disturbing truths about the modern world.

The following is some further information about Nyack, New York, where Hopper grew up and a list of sources for more information on the master artist.

Places to Go In and Near Nyack, New York

  • Hopper House Art Center, Nyack New York
    Here you can visit the boyhood home of Edward Hopper, which he owned and visited throughout his life. The village of Nyack on the lower span of the Hudson River is remarkably similar to what it was like when he grew up and is a popular tourist destination in its own right.
    The Friends of the Nyacks organization periodically gives walking tours of local Hopper Places. In July and August, Hopper House will show Lin Barnhardt’s (www.linbarnhardt.com/gallery.html) ceramic houses based on Hopper paintings, and the center will host a festive birthday celebration near Hopper’s birth date, July 22. For information, visit www.HopperHouse.org or call 845/358-0774.
  • Visit locations where Hopper painted as described in Hopper Places (second edition) by Gail Levin (University of California Press, 1998, ISBN 0520216768).
  • Nearby are the New York museums containing Hopper works—the Whitney Museum and MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art).
  • Finally, a major Edward Hopper Exhibition will be showing at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (through Aug 8, 2007), the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. (September 16 – Jan 21, 2008), and the Art Institute of Chicago (Feb 16 – May 11, 2008).

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  • http://americanart.si.edu/hopper/index.html Smithsonian’s Hopper Scrapbook
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    Hopper quotationsSome Museums with Hopper’s Major Works
  • Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City
    In addition to the works purchased by the museum during his lifetime, Hopper’s art and records of his work were donated to The Whitney after his death.
  • MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York)—House by the Railroad
  • Chicago Institute of Art—Night Hawks Sheila Hollihan-Elliot ia a long-time contriuting editor to The Artist’s Magazine. She lives in Nyack, New York, with her artist husband, John Elliot.




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