How Does an Artist Spend $5,000?

If you received a check for $5,000 in the mail today, how would you spend it? Would you pack up your travel box of pastels and climb aboard the next plane to Paris? Venice? Vienna? Reykjavík? Mumbai? Would you head straight away to your favorite art supply retailer or pastel manufacturer and stock up? Would you sign up for that dream workshop you’ve always wanted to take with your favorite pastel rock star? Maybe make improvements to your studio space? Well, if you are the next Grand Prize Winner in the Annual Pastel 100 Competition, the decision is yours! But you have to act soon. To take advantage of the Early Bird discounted entry fee, you will need to enter before midnight TODAY! The final deadline for entry is September 2. To learn more, click here for the 16th Annual Pastel 100 Competition entry page.

Below are a few of the most recent Grand Prize-winning pastels from the 13th, 14th and 15th Pastel 100 competitions. Don’t miss your chance to join the ranks of Pastel 100 victors. Only one artist wins $5,000, but there are four additional top prizes (worth a total of $4,500) and 25 category prizes (with a total value of $6,000). Plus, the work of all 100 winners, including 70 honorable mentions will be published in the April 2015 issue of Pastel Journal.  Enter today!

Cassandra (21x28) by David Wells

Cassandra (21×28) by David Wells, top winner in the 15th Annual Pastel 100


Mile to Go (24x36) by Elaine Lierly Jones

Mile to Go (24×36) by Elaine Lierly Jones, top winner in the 14th Annual Pastel 100


Country Calm (16x12) by Terri Ford

Country Calm (16×12) by Terri Ford, winner of the 13th Annual Pastel 100

The Recital (pastel) by Alain Picard
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