Jeremy Lebediker’s Still Life Painting ‘Butterflies’ – It’s Not What You Think

Jeremy Lebediker was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s 29th Annual Art Competition, in the Floral/Still Life category for his painting, Butterflies (below; oil, 8×10). We’ve invited him to share some thoughts on his work, his art inspiration and more.

Oil, Still Life Painting by Jeremy Lebediker

Butterflies (oil on masonite, 8×10) by Jeremy Lebediker

By vocation, I’m a high school art teacher in Mayfield, New York. As an art teacher I’m continuously looking for ways to improve and expand my own artwork and skills so that my students improve. To do this, I join professional communities, seek mentorships, review literature and take formal classes and workshops. My work has been in numerous galleries throughout the United States and I’ve sold my work locally, nationally and abroad.

Although I don’t like to pingeon-hole myself, I consider myself mostly a realist, trompe l’oeil (fool the eye) artist. I seeking ways to add a more surreal element to my work. I began my realism focus working with charcoal and pastel pencils, but over the last several years I’ve enjoyed honing my oil painting skills. I take much of my inspiration from contemporary trompe l’oeil painters like Jay Davenport and Joshua Suda.

Often times, I start my trompe l’oeil paintings with a clever title and then determine the subject matter. I try to incorporate a variety of textures in my paintings and work to create contrast using a range of hard, soft and dissolved edges. In this case, I chose the word “butterflies.” I then included the silver platter for contrast of texture. As an avid fisherman, I love adding fishing themes into my work, so I incorporated fishing flies. As an added bonus, I included a self-portrait reflection in the tray cover.

This year I’ve received considerable recognition for my work. I had a drawing published in North Light’s Strokes of Genius series and had a drawing designated “Best Drawing” in the International Guild of Realism (IGOR) show in California. I wanted to share Butterflies with a larger audience, which is why I decided to enter The Artist’s Magazine‘s 29th Annual Art Competition. I’m a long-time subscriber and fan of the magazine and I recognize the benefits it brings to the art community in terms of exposure to contemporary art and education.

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