Jerry Weiss

“It’s important for a teacher not to say, ‘This is the only way to do it,’ but rather to give guidance and encouragement and let students figure out some of the important things themselves,” says Jerry Weiss, who teaches at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. His paintings are in the collections of New Britain Museum of American Art and the Harvard Club of New York City. He has a solo show on view now at Ruggiero Gallery in Madison, Connecticut. To learn more, visit

To read more about Weiss, see the June 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here are some works that didn’t appear in the issue.

Sleeping Study (oil, 20×30)

Blue Kimono (oil, 36×48)

Nude on Green (oil, 48×36)

Helen Asleep (oil, 22×56)

Helen Seated on Blue Robe (oil, 48×36)

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