John Selleck

“Among the artists who have influenced my work are Max Beckmann, Romare Bearden, Eric Fischl and Alice Neel. The manner in which Edward Hopper captured, say, the way light falls on a wall is a lesson I incorporate in my work,” says John Selleck. A resident of Beverly Hills, California, Selleck received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine art from the University of California, Los Angeles. He went on to teach art in Los Angeles County secondary schools for 34 years. He’s additionally authored or co-authored four art books geared to secondary school students (Davis Publications). Selleck’s Giant TV and Sleeping Figure is a winner of Collage Artists of America’s top award. The artist’s work can be found in many prestigious collections.

To read more about Selleck, see the June 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here are some works that didn’t appear in the article.

Room in Soft Light (mixed media, 12×9)

Artist in Studio (mixed media, 12×9)

Bedroom in Soft Light (mixed media and collage, 12×9)

A Model in the Studio (watercolor, acrylic and collage, 9×12)

Bedroom Mirror Reflections (watercolor and collage, 12×9)

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