John Suh

The Presence (oil, 44×54) by John Suh was a finalist in the 2005 Art Competition (experimental category).

RESIDENCE: Upper Nyack, New York

HOW HE GOT STARTED IN ART: “I grew up in Korea and was trained in the manner of the French academy, which includes intensive study in drawing and anatomy. Later, I continued my study in America at Hastings College, the Art Students League of New York and the National Academy of Fine Art.”

ARTISTS HE ADMIRES: “19th Century Scandinavian artist such as Anders Zorn and P.S. Kroyer, who successfully combined the naturalism and the impressionism. Sarget, Srolla and Abbott Handerson Thayer are also some of my favorite artists.”

MEDIUM AND GENRE: “I prefer oil and mostly do portraits, but also paint still-lifes and landscapes. Recently, I’ve been working on scenes of Paris combining figures and cityscapes based on the reference photos I brought back from the trip.”

WHAT INSPIRED HIM TO PAINT THIS PIECE: “I was looking for subject matter that was both technically challenging and unusual in theme. Visually speaking, the transparent object has no shapes or shades of its own but what we actually see is the reflections of the objects surrounding it. The shadow depicted here is mine.”

Louise B. Hafesh is an artist and freelance writer who lives in New Jersey.

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