Kay Carnie: Primary Colors

“Although I’ve purchased over the years more than 50 of the different colors offered in the art stores, my paintings are created with only three colors. They are the primary colors—red, yellow and blue. I have found I can not only match almost all of those other colors, but create an endless variety of additional colors as well by merely mixing the three primaries. And so, rather than limiting my choices it allows me great freedom.”

“Despite careful planning before beginning a painting, I always make mistakes—some more crucial than others. Because so many of my paintings are quite large, often much work has already gone into the piece and so I have developed an arsenal of methods for making corrections. The tools I use, in increasing ability to cause damage to the paper are: paper towels (for blotting), natural sponge, small stiff brush, eraser stick, electric eraser and craft knife.”

San Carlos Depot (watercolor, 60×40)

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