Kenney Mencher's Glass Half Full

In the June 2007 issue of The Artist’s Magazine, we showcase the theatrical, engaging paintings of Kenney Mencher, who is an associate professor of art and art history at Ohlone College in Fremont, California. “Variations on a Theme,” written by Kenney himself, describes how he took a humble glass of water, arranged characters/models who were often his friends around the glass, and then painted a series of scenes that were outlandishly ordinary and wildly funny. Kenney is the subject of a recent blog by Steve-O, who has a site called “The Caravan of Dreams,” named after a performing arts center in Fort Worth. Steve’s interview with Kenney is entertaining and informed. Click on
And Kenney has his own wonderful Web site, where he posts pictures of works in progress at
–Maureen Bloomfield

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3 thoughts on “Kenney Mencher's Glass Half Full

  1. Jon B.

    Mencher’s works are less than tame, I’ve viewed his works and truthfully I think he’s got some issues with women, he portrays them as harlets and he likes to use nudity in both male and female, I wonder if that comes from his rehab days in Ohio, poor boy did have his share of problems, wonder if he ever licked them.