Leslie Reuther


BACKGROUND: My art education began in high school by learning how to draw. I then earned a Bachelors of Fine Art from Fontbonne University, a small liberal arts school in St. Louis. I gained a solid grounding in traditional painting and drawing along with the history of art.

MEDIUM AND SUBJECTS: The majority of my work includes the human figure or a metaphor of the human figure. I’m currently working in ink. I use various instruments to write words and phrases, which make up the tonal values of the figure or object I’m drawing. I’ve used a typewriter, rubber stamps, pens and collage to create images. I experiment with different techniques and use new media and images.

INSPIRATION FOR ARTIST STATEMENT: This is one of the first in a series of self-portraits using a typewriter-a Remington Quietriter. This particular drawing is stream of consciousness writing, which I think is a very direct way to create a self-portrait. My thoughts create the image of myself.

Artist Statement (ink, 9×12) by Leslie Reuther was a finalist in the 2004 Art Competition in the Experimental category.

CHALLENGES IN CREATING THIS PIECE: This particular drawing was unforgiving to execute. A little too much pressure or a misjudgment of where the key will strike makes a hole in the middle of the forehead instead of slight grey nuance.

Mark Gottsegen is associate professor of art at the University of North Carolina?Greensboro and chair of ASTM International?s subcommittee on artists? materials.

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