Marcia Weatherholt-Bernhardt 2

A Day at the Getty (oil, 27×25) by Marcia Weatherholt-Bernhardt was a finalist in the 2005 Art Competition in the Portrait/Figure category.


DO YOU CREATE ART FOR A LIVING? ?I’m an architectural illustrator as well as an exterior color design consultant. My firm provides the renderings, display work, and exterior color design for the building industry.”

HOW LONG DO YOU SPEND ON A PAINTING: “In my recent works, I spend two to four days on a painting and I think it’s because I’m working larger. Generally, I like my paintings to look vibrant and fresh, and the less I go over it, the better. I attribute my speed to my career. I’ve finally figured out how to stop at a good place and I’ve discovered what retouch varnish does (good stuff) to resume after an area of the painting has dried.”

HOW DO YOU HANDLE CREATIVE BLOCKS? “I’ve never had one and hope I never do. I think and talk about painting every day, more than five times a day (my employees will tell you. It’s pathetic; I’m boring them to tears with my passion). I plan my paintings way in advance, so that before one is complete, I’m already thinking how I’m going to approach the next one. As for inspiration, I’ve been known to drive around, camera in hand, looking for the perfect painting subject.”

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