Original Charley Harper paintings found!

From News from the Harper Art Studio—they recently found a number of original paintings comissioned for the Ford Times and Lincoln Mercury Times magazines.

In many instance no one knew that original paintings of some of these
were ever made! The discovery of these paintings came as a surprise
even to Charley’s son Brett. “I felt like I was opening a buried
treasure chest that had been locked up for more than 35 years.”

The new collection will be on view at Fabulous Frames and Art here in Cincinnati (10817 Montgomery Road, to be more specific) starting July 11 and running through August 8. I will so be there!

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One thought on “Original Charley Harper paintings found!

  1. Andruchak

    In a style called "minimal realism", the great artist Charley Harper captured the essence of his subjects with the fewest possible visual elements.
    Andruchak – painter, muralist and art professor of UFRN University – Brazil [www.fotki.com/andruchak]