Painting Portraits: Chris Saper's New Videos

Last month Chris Saper, well known for her vibrant heirloom
and corporate portraits, flew into Cincinnati in order to film two ArtistsNetwork.TV videos. It was lovely to meet her and mesmerizing to watch
her as she gave two distinct lessons in painting from life. For the first video, she restricted her palette to black, white, and gray; the resulting grisaille portrait is breathtaking. For the second video, filmed right after,
the indefatigable Chris worked with a different model and a full palette. Throughout both videos, Chris dispenses specific lessons and helpful tips in achieving a likeness and painting skin tones in oil. On screen and in life, she is a
wonderfully companionable presence; she makes learning fun. Eric Camper, director of ArtistsNetwork.TV, and I certainly enjoyed being with her; I predict you will, too. Check out these two previews.

And you can find Chris’s Painting Beautiful Skin Tones with Color and
(North Light Books, 2008) at

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