Painting Venice

Even in Venice, where almost every subject has already been painted, finding a scene that speaks to you, the artist, can be the ultimate reward. While painting on location in Venice with his wife, artist Joe Anna Arnett, James Asher was inspired to paint Venetian Canal (watercolor, 13 1/2 x 12). “The air in Venice is charged with moisture; the subtleties of the atmosphere are more accurately created with the transparency of watercolor,” says Asher. “The reflected surface is everywhere, and painting the interaction between air and water is the provenance of watercolor.”

James Asher spends several months of the year traveling and painting in beautiful locations around the world with his wife, painter Joe Anna Arnett. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Since 1994, he’s served on the Board of Trustees of the Scottsdale Artists School. His work has been on display in exhibits around the world: at the the Gilcrease Museum, The Albuquerque Museum of Fine Art, the National Museum of Taiwan, the Fine Arts Museum of Santa Fe and The Royal Water Colour Society in London, for example. His work has also been featured in numerous prestigious publications. His watercolor paintings can currently be seen at the Zaplin-Lampert Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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