Robert Bateman: The Art of Being Yourself

“As I was growing up, I was evolving through different styles that ended up being quite different from one another.,” Robert Bateman says. “Occasionally, I?d say ?I?m not sure what I?m comfortable with.? And older, wiser people would say, ?What?s important is that you do what?s really you.? My response was, ?Yeah, that?s easy to say. What?s it mean?? But I know now that I?m doing what?s really me. I?ve done it for many, many years. And maybe I?ve done it all along.”

Mexican Wolf (acrylic 23×36)

“I?ll never feel the need to change my style. My subject matter will change because the world of nature is full of visual possibilities.”

“I try not to overwork or go into too much detail, if I can avoid it. My ideal would be to paint loose stuff like Sargent and Edward Hopper?with a minimum of strokes, yet when you stand back it looks almost photographic.”

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