Serena Rose

Serena Rose considers water critical to the success of her pond paintings like Among the Lotus Blossoms (watercolor, 33 x 40). To achieve a realistic effect, Rose wets the paper and with a brushload of paint, she lays in one quick wash using sweeping, horizontal strokes. She then leaves the wash to dry, without going over it a second time. With the water in place, she moves on to the many details that bring her paintings to life.

“I’ve always had a special affection for the natural world,” says Serena Rose. She shared her appreciation for nature with art classes at the Knoxville Museum of Art, the University of Tennessee and the Summer Arts and Sciences Academy. For six years, she owned Serena Rose Gallery in Knoxville’s World’s Fair Park. which also offers giclee prints of her work. The artist lives and paints in Knoxville, Tennessee. She has a Web site at

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