Summer Sun

It’s mid-summer and you’d think the sun would be shining to correspond with the 90 degree weather (and 90 percent humidity) we’ve been having. It’s always sunny in my workspace though as I have art by Patti Brady hanging around. How is it that some images just brighten your day immediately?
Visit her website and you’ll see what I mean, or take a look at one of her works on paper, Belly Button, below. I can’t think of a more adorable name for a painting. Even the title makes me smile.

We feature Patti’s work in the July/August issue, one of my favorite issues we’ve done. On the cover is a Hopper painting of a couple (alone-together, in true Hopper form) on a sun-drenched porch. Also in the issue is work by Bryce Cameron Liston. He and I spoke on the phone a while back about the state of Romantic art. Some people may find the style old-fashioned or sappy. I agree with Liston who said that romanticism is simply a filter—similar to Impressionism—another angle from which to view the world. I can deal with a rosy-tinged filter now and again.

I hope you enjoy our summer issue as much as I do.

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