Suncluster by Anne Chaddock | Splash 12: Celebrating Artistic Vision

This week we are featuring Suncluster by Anne Chaddock from the 12th edition of our Splash: Best of Watercolor art competition.


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Suncluster by A.Chaddock | Watercolor on 300-lb. (640gsm) cold-pressed watercolor paper | 15″ x 22″ (38cm x 56cm)

What Anne says about her artwork:
This subject required working with very strong primary colors. I have found that lightening primaries often produces dull color. To prevent this, I darken negative space so I can present the saturated primaries as my lights, maintaining clean color. I often use very dark color that requires a long value scale. I placed these tomatoes in very strong light to get their glow and very hard cast shadows. I brushed on saturated color so I would not have to go back and layer. Charging the pigment onto the paper, I could wash it out a bit to lighten without losing the character of the color.

Anne Chaddock’s piece Suncluster appeared in Splash 12: Celebrating Artistic Vision published by North Light Books in June 2012.

Pre-order your copy of the latest in the series, Splash 14: Light & Color, available in stores in July 2013.

W7951 Splash 14 CRV2.indd

Splash 13 watercolor book | splash watercolor    SPLASH12.jpg



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