Susan Lyon

Susan Lyon and her husband, artist Scott Burdick, live in rural North Carolina, where they moved to escape the hectic pace of city life in Chicago. Surrounded by nature, Lyon’s studio allows her the space and privacy to grow as an artist—and also serves as a perfect home base for her painting trips and world travels. “The excitement of traveling and seeing so many new sights and incredible works in museums, combined with the challenge of painting on the spot, makes me a travel addict! Even before I go on a trip, I’m planning the one after.” Visit her website at

To read about Lyon’s studio, see the July/August 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here is some work that didn’t appear in the article.

Green Grass from Nepal (oil, 12×20)

Young Girl from Lake Titicaca, Peru (conte, 18×14)

Blue Creamer and Silver Spoon (oil, 24×24)

Dancing Camel Contest (oil, 18×14)

Young Girl from Kilimanjaro (conte, 18×15)

Keri (watercolor, gouache and pastel pencil, 12½x10½)

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