Taming Howard Finster's garden

It’s such a cliché to call an artist prolific, but it’s difficult to come up with someone who better fits the bill than Howard Finster, a folk artist, preacher and one-time bicycle repairman.

Finster, at 60, felt he was called by God to create art and set a goal of creating 5,000 pieces. By the time he died, he had created more than 47,000. Though Finster died in 2001, his northwest Georgia home—which opened last month as a public museum—still sits in what he called a garden of paradise. There’s some dispute over the state of the land, as the New York Times reports.

My first exposure to Finster was through his commissioned cover art for rock albums such as R.E.M.’s Reckoning and the Talking Heads’ Little Creatures. There’s just something lively and manic about his work that attracts me—and a lot of people. Have a look at this great slide show from the Times about the artist and his work here.

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