What the Jurors Said | Jonathan Talbot, Abstract/Experimental

Jurors of The Artist’s Magazine‘s 28th Annual Art Competition

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Abstract/Experimental: Jonathan Talbot

A leading voice for the art of collage and assemblage, Jonathan Talbot is also a painter and printmaker. He has shown his distinctive work all around the world. Ten of his collages are featured in Masters: Collage: Major Works by Leading Artists, edited by Randel Plowman and available from Lark Books. He is also the author of Collage: A New Approach and The Artist’s Marketing and Action Plan Workbook (both available at http://www.talbot1.com/#MBK.) “Can we face our technological future without dreams?” Talbot asks, “I think not. But the old ideals will no longer serve. I believe that the arts will continue to provide us with new insights into the human condition. As they have in the past, these insights will empower us to meet the challenges of the future.”

What guidelines did you use to choose the winners in your category?
“The title of the category, ‘Abstract/Experimental’ and the submitted works themselves were my guides. Works were not compared with one other. Instead, each composition was allowed to create its own frame of reference and within that frame of reference it was scored based on its use of form, value, line, color, texture, materials, integrity, innovation, balance, rhythm, focus, energy and more.”

What were your overall feelings about this year’s entries?
“Most of the submissions were strong works of high technical and compositional quality. That said, the number of works submitted in this category that were neither abstract nor experimental was surprising.”

Tell us why you awarded the first place prize to Tom O’Hara’s Sea Bed (acrylic mixed media assemblage, 24x36x2).
“This mixed-media work’s courageous, innovative and experimental use of materials, its texture, its energy, its color balance, and its integrity all contributed to its high score.”

Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for future contestants in The Artist’s Magazine’s Annual Art Competition?
“Many of the submissions that did not receive awards in this category might well have been selected as winners in other categories. Artists should choose the categories to which they submit with care.”

Fandango Patrin (mixed media, 9x9) by Jonathan Talbot

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