Words of Wisdom | 10 Artist Quotes

Artists over 60 share their advice to others in this “Words of Wisdom” excerpt from the March 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. The following artists’ works won in our Over 60 Art Competition.

“If you wait for inspiration before you go to work, you’re going to make two paintings a year.” ~ Robert Mazur

“I can pick a flower, and it will last only a few days. If I paint it, it will be forever in bloom.” ~ Barbara Dave

“You can’t fake it. To produce anything worthwhile requires a lot of work.” ~ Ed Horlbeck

“You can’t please everyone, and it is pointless to try.” ~ Alan Rose

“Don’t try to figure out what others want: decide what you want in life.” ~ Mari Anne Figgins

“Be yourself. Just be yourself about your art and everything else.” ~ Terry Miller

“Show raw emotion in what you paint.” ~ Rose Anne Samuelson

“Discouragement is detrimental to your ‘painting health'”. ~ Ed Pointer

“You must be honest with yourself and all others.” ~ Regina Dunne

“If you don’t respect the other side of the argument, there can be no dialogue.” ~ Margaret Tcheng Ware

The Artist's Magazine

March 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Cover art by Ed Horlbeck

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