Yelena Klairmont

Fearless; Conquer Darkness With Kindness (oil, 40×60)
by Yelena Klairmont was a finalist in the Landscape category of the 23rd Annual Art Competition.

Start in art: "I’ve been creating art most of my life, but I’m also a professional musician. My first college degree is in music performance and history. I majored in organ performance and was a church organist and a choir director for many years. About 15 years ago I resumed painting, specializing in painting large-scale murals in restaurants and office buildings. About that time I decided to go back to school to broaden my understanding of the traditional fundamentals of art. I was admitted to the “old” American Academy of Art in Chicago, which at that time had a unique program of life drawing, anatomy, and art fundamental studies. While there, I was inspired and instructed by a renowned art teacher, Dr. John Trapp, who stressed the European tradition of drawing and painting."

Media and genres: "At first I concentrated on portraiture, but gradually, being fascinated by the beauty of our local ravines, I switched to landscapes. One day, after flying over the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Canada, I was inspired by the aerial views of our earth and started a whole new series of imaginary aerial landscapes. In my aerial paintings I incorporate elements that have an affect on our environment. Power plants, smoke stacks, tall pipes, urban developments, all contribute to the rise of ocean temperatures and a change of climate, which in turn create destructive tornadoes, hurricanes, and typhoons."

Working process:"I paint in oil on canvas, in layers. I begin by picking out a design from my own aerial photos. After deciding on the specific scene, I decide on my palette, chroma, and what kind of angle I’m trying to stress in each work—pollution, urbanization or climate change. Sometimes, to my surprise, a design that looks good on the small scale doesn’t always work on the larger canvas. I then sketch, and adjust my final design directly on canvas until I’m satisfied with it. I love nature, yet I also like designer colors. I try to have different color combinations in each painting, which helps me set the mood of each work."

Inspiration for this painting: "Fearless; Conquer Darkness with Kindness was inspired by a sunset I observed while driving one night. I decided to incorporate it into an aerial night scene, with city lights gleaming and a vast sky that dwarfs the city no matter how big. It reminds me of the anticipation one feels when landing and waiting to get back to the comfort of home."

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