Digital Submissions to Art Competitions

Many art competitions now accept digital entries. Follow these tips for preparing and submitting your digital images:

1. Use a digital camera with a high resolution. A resolution of at least 5 megapixels is best.

2. Take the photographs in natrual light. You don’t want shadows on your painting, nor do you want reflection from a flash. Remember to shoot the picture using your camera’s "fine" mode.

3. Check the colors from the photograph. Using image-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Google’s free Picasa, you can see how the colors appear in the photo and then adjust the color slightly so it matches the colors in the original painting.

4. Save your images in the correct format. The highest-quality file format is TIFF, but JPEG is the most common. These are universal formats that all computers can read. Check contest guidelines to see if they have a preference.

5. Follow the contest’s guidelines for submitting. Whether they want you to send in submissions on CD or using a form on their website, make sure you follow all of the competition’s rules to the letter.

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