Iron-Clad Display

The old adage is true: Presentation is everything. To show off my paintings at local outdoor art shows and festivals, I constructed stands out of reinforcement iron bars (designed to strengthen concrete foundations). For each stand I started with two four-foot long, ?-inch thick bars, which I held together by welding four 1 x 4-inch flat brace plates at regular intervals. To make hooks on which to hang my paintings, I then cut out a portion of several 1-inch spring washers (chain links also work) to create C-shapes. I then welded the hooks in pairs onto the iron stakes. To make the apparatuses more attractive, I spray-painted them gold.

When I’m setting up at a show, I simply hammer the iron bars into the ground and I’m ready to display my paintings.

A signature member of the American Watercolor Society, Midwest Watercolor Society and other art groups, Don Getz designs and supervises the annual production of the AWS Exhibition Catalog and is involved in the organization of several auto art and special art shows. He lives and paints in Peninsula, Ohio. His art and workshops can be viewed at

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