Plan a Paint Out

We like to give ourselves at least six months to plan and advertise our paint-outs. The more time we have, the better. First we decide on the specific reason we’re hosting the paint-out. Is it to bring awareness to our group’s members? Is there a natural resource or neighborhood the community wants to preserve? Perhaps your paint-out will honor a person or act as a benefit to raise money for a specific cause. The purpose of your event will lead you to your theme, site and exhibition venue. As you think of locations, consider the available space for artists and spectators, plus parking, food and restrooms. Try to pick dates when the location will be at its best and at a good time of year for attracting spectators. Spring has worked well for us, for example.

Next, we create the timeline, set a budget and make a list of potential sponsors. We recruit an event coordinator and people to be in charge of volunteers, publicity, catalog ad sales and sponsorships, catalog production, artists, the wet room (where the paintings dry and are sold), and the exhibition and gala. There are many details, so we like to involve a lot of people.

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