Prepare for Printing

While all of your artworks has personal significance, some will probably have more market appeal than others. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose your most appropriate pieces for print reproduction:

  • Choose the painting which has garnered the most praise from friends and other viewers.
  • If any of your paintings have won awards or critical acclaim, they will be a strong choice.
  • Any of your paintings that have been acquired for an important collection will probably sell well.

Other technical qualities in a piece will help ensure the best chance for sales. Look for a painting that’s high in value contrast and ahs a strong light source. To check the value contrast in your print candidate, lay a sheet of red acetate film over the surface and make sure the value differences are still highly visible. As for lighting, choose a painting that has a consistent light source casting obvious shadows from the left or right, preferably near eye level. Bottom line though, the biggest criteria buyers look for in an image is quality, so start with a painting that’s an outstanding example of your work.

Loraine Crouch is associate editor for The Artist’s Magazine.

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