Sizing Up Success

Step back—way back—and look at your business as a whole. What’s really going on? Think of this as “gathering data” rather than “finding what needs to be changed,” and you’ll be off to a great start. Here are some questions to help with your exploration:

  • Where is your business strongest? Weakest?
  • Where is your business most vulnerable?
  • What did you accomplish this year (or this month) that makes you really proud?
  • What have you put off?
  • What’s working well for you? How do you know? (For example, you have increased sales, more recognition or more free time.)

Take whatever time you need to think about and write down your answers. Then organize your discoveries into two groups: Helpful vs. Holding Me Back.

Mark Gottsegen is associate professor of art at the University of North Carolina—Greensboro and chair of ASTM International’s subcommittee on artists’ materials.

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