How to Make Your Art Exhibition Guest Book Pages


In the June 2011 issue of The Artist’s Magazine, Jonathan and Marsha Talbot share excellent tips for showing your works to their best advantage in an exhibition space.

picture of gallery exhibition

An area of Loel Barr's solo exhibition at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum in New York

In this article, the Talbots share directions for creating guestbook pages to place in a binder and put out at your exhibition. Visitors can sign in and share their mailing and e-mail addresses for future contact.

Instructions For Guestbook Mailing List Pages

1. Click on this link to download the Talbot’s mailing list page.

2. Place your cursor in front of the words “MAILING LIST.”

3. Type your name (last or full) in caps followed by a space.

4. Print copies of this mailing list page as needed.

5. Punch holes in the left-hand margins and insert the pages in a clean, white three-ring binder. Use a “view binder” if possible. (A view binder is a binder with a clear plastic cover on the top page of the binder that you can slide a sheet of paper into as a cover sheet.)

6. Make a cover sheet for the outside of the binder and insert.

7. Display the binder open at the exhibition with pens for visitors to use.

Jonathan and Marsha Talbot have been installing solo, group and theme exhibitions together for more than 40 years. Visit Jonathan’s website at

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