Tip File: Ways to Survive a Recession

On the Web

You must have a website. Own your own site and create and manage it yourself. This saves time, money and, in the long run, you have artistic control. See our articles that walk you through the process—”Get on the Web” (September 2006), “Enhance Your Web Presence” (September 2007) and “Top of the Web” (March 2008). Also check out The Complete Guide to Selling Your Art Online.


Submit artwork digitally, both to shows and magazines so you don’t need to spend money on slides or postage.


Free publicity from your local weekly paper, daily newspaper or your state’s magazine is icing on the old art cake. Send out PR releases via e-mail in the middle of the week when reporters/editors are less busy.

This tip is an excerpt from an article titled “25 Ways to Survive a Recession,” by Sue Viders. To read the full article on ideas and suggestions for how to make and save money lean times, click here and order The Artist’s Magazine’s 2009 Annual CD.







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