3 Ways to Kick-start Your Creativity

We all get stuck in our normal routines and ruts—doing things the same way we’ve always done them. But simply changing your usual routines or trying something new can spark your creative juices as well as expand your horizons. You’ll be surprised how much the little changes or additions to your ordinary, everyday life can ignite your creative spirit, open up exciting possibilities and just make life a little more interesting.

1. Deprive yourself of media—just for a day or two. How much television do you watch? How many newspapers do you read? Is your car radio always on? Often, we can’t hear our voice of inspiration above the noise of the media. When I tried giving up media for a week, I was amazed at how much more positive I was in the morning without all the clutter of the news in my mind. A friend was surprised about how much fun she had when she wasn’t watching TV every day. She discovered there are so many things you can do when you’re not tied to the tube—work a crossword, repot some plants, write some old friends, bake cookies or give your dog a bath.

2. Make mistakes. Know that failures are part of the creative process. Create freely and let errors reveal themselves as insights later. When painting with watercolor, some mistakes end up being “happy accidents” wherein two wet colors accidentally run together and create an unexpected but welcome new addition. Don’t fear mistakes; welcome them—they’re a bridge to learning.

3. Design a creative climate in your office, study, corner of your family room or an area where you spend a lot of time. If space is an issue, just use a bookshelf or windowsill. Decorate with your favorite things; such as pictures that move you, a cozy chair, candles, toys, whatever. There are many ways to excite the spirit: color, music, comfort or play. The more stimulating or calming your environment, the happier—and more productive—you’ll be.

Kate Mesch is the assistant editor for The Artist’s Magazine.

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